As delicious coffee aromas hung thick in the air at Urban Grind Coffee Roastery in Parkhurst, a small film crew headed by passionate wildlife videographer Paul Mills, started setting up camera angles. The story for the shoot was to create a typical morning on-the-go scenario of a woman drinking a cappuccino.

The punchline of the shoot is that in the time it takes to drink a cuppa, an elephant has been shot. Paul, who directed and scripted the shoot is making the hard-hitting scene with the aim of shocking everyday people out of complacency. To preserve the future of wildlife for our children and their children’s children, it is important to act now.

It was fun to shoot the scenes drinking coffee, which is a pastime I enjoy, but to drink up for a good cause was even better.

The resident barista at the Urban Grind coffee shop has been practicing his latte art for the upcoming National Barista competition. Latte art includes the shapes, patterns and swirls that are embellished in the foam of your steaming cappuccino. As we were shooting a slot on elephant poaching, the barista in no time made us an elephant topped cup.

And best of all I got to enjoy some delicious coffee on what was a drizzly morning.

Drop in at Urban Grind for their excellent roasted coffee.