Music Video ‘Goat-Crashers’

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Guess who made a guest appearance at yesterday’s music video shoot? Everything was perfect, the rain held back, the golden sunlight softly lighting the veld scene where we were about to shoot a music video for Christmas. Then just as we were ready to begin, the local grazers decided they would like to feature in the video and wandered into shot!

Shall we Tango?

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“Por una Cabeza” by Carlos Gardel also known for it’s use as the tango from the movie “Scent of a Woman” performed here on violin and guitar. We made this video recording for Theatre on the Square’s Online lunch hour concerts teaser series while concerts are postponed due to Covid-19.

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SAMA #26 Nomination

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What started out as a project to help violin students practise for their music exams, evolved into a recording project and subsequently has received a SAMA Nomination (South African Music Award). So delighted to find that my Classical album ‘Vignettes for Violin’ released in 2019 has been nominated for an award under the Classical Music category.

The #SAMA26 awards will be held virtually, and Mzansi Magic, 3-7 August @ 9:30pm to catch the winners and all the industry buzz!

Special thanks goes to Rory Gaddin who engineered the recording, piano whizz Ashlea Martin who accompanied me on all the pieces and master of mastering Keith Forsythe who added the finishing touches to the album.

Take a listen to the album here

and the videos are here:

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Happy Birthdaygram!

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I was booked to perform at a birthday event this weekend where the birthday girl had put in so much planning to make her special day tops. With the current quarantine measures in place, no public celebrations are happening. As a birthday gesture I recorded a happy birthdaygram for her to add a special touch to her private celebrations at home.

The birthdaygram is available here:

Some Old Folk Tunes

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In putting together some teaching material, I came across an old Sea Shanty called The Leaving of Liverpool. It is a song I had played years ago with a folk band and decided to look more into it’s roots. This song dates from around the 1880s if not earlier during the Gold Rush days. It was sung as an off-watch song or “forebitter,” rather than a sea shanty. A lovely insight to the role music and songs can play in everyday life, whether you find yourself on a ship, a plane or even just at home.

What to do when lock-down means no more performing?

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As lock-down approaches as a result of the Covid-19 virus, many musicians have found that bookings and events of all kinds have had to cancel or postpone, leaving musicians with a lot more time on their hands and likely less money in their pockets as a result.

In the 21-day lock-down period, I’ve made a list of productive music-related activities to keep ‘in the game’ as well as retain a sense of sanity. One such activity is to record and work on some new music material and videos. Such activities are time-consuming, perfect for long stretches of time shut in at home!

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