Wildflower find a place in new playlists

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Thanks to ‘It’s Classical’ for adding my new song ‘ Wildflower’ to their fine playlist. It features new classical compositions as well as re-arrangements of classical works.

Well worth a listen . Great for studying , chilling, driving or de-stressing too!

Visit the playlist here:




Wildflower-Contemporary Classics

New Music Friday: Wildflower



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Wildflower-Contemporary Classics

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Piano music fans are in for a treat with this playlist. ‘Focusing Minimal Piano & Contemporary Classics’ is a great laid back playlist for working or studying to. It is mainly piano based but includes some violin and cello as well. Check out the compilation by Igor Longhi here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3df3qmBm3p9yc6MKVesR3B?si=9b4e45a31a6d41c5

You’ll find my new instrumental “Wildflower” included here amongst such great company!

New Music Friday: Wildflower

New Playlisting-Tears That Flow (Instrumental)

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Sunset on the Fairway

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Sublime sunset view just before a storm hit at The Fairway Hotel .
The theme for the evening was ‘Denim and White’ – an elegant yet laid-back feel awards dinner for a corporate. Thanks to Esse Naidoo-Posokhov @inthemidnightevents for putting a stunning event together.
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Sweet 60th Birthday

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A cosy setting at the deluxe Royal Elephant Hotel was the setting for a sweet 60th birthday party. Guests were treated to a special set menu accompanied by violin music. The organiser had this to say :

‘ Thank you very, very much for yesterday, your contribution to making our event a success was fantastic. Everyone is talking about how beautiful it was. Your professional performance is appreciated. I will boldly recommend you to others ! ‘

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New Playlisting-Tears That Flow (Instrumental)

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Thank-you ShawnD of Emotional Songs Playlist for including ‘Tears That Flow (Instrumental). Loving the playlist selection!

Check it out for some great stirring music.

Thanks to Soundplate for the connection.

More of his art and and music selection can be found at:

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New Music Friday

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The Wheel Keeps Turning (instrumental)-A rock inspired instrumental

This instrumental version of Wheel Keeps Turning (vocal version as recorded by Cherry Pill) reflects the the ever-changing seasons of life. The song draws on imagery from the world around to represent how life and times can change.
‘Seasons come, seasons go, but there’s one thing that I know; it’s that the wheel comes around again’.
The song could be described as well delivered rock sound where the solo violin melody pairs up with the gritty guitars, including some blues-tinged phrasing and a bit of dramatic flair in the string accompaniment.

Available on your favourite platforms:

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