EthAerial Violinist

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Way up high a tender feel-good tune rings out on electric violin while text, projected onto the long skirt sends motivational messages to the audience. EthAerial Violin making a statement at a recent IIG ( Insurance Institute ) Awards Event. A link to the event is available here :

Elegant Aerial Violin for Christian Dior Store Opening

EthAerial Violin

EthAerial Violin (CH Dance and Fitness Event)

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Sunset on the Fairway

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Sublime sunset view just before a storm hit at The Fairway Hotel .
The theme for the evening was ‘Denim and White’ – an elegant yet laid-back feel awards dinner for a corporate. Thanks to Esse Naidoo-Posokhov @inthemidnightevents for putting a stunning event together.
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Autumn Wedding

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Autumn is a beautiful time to have a wedding as the days get crisper and the leaves turn to gorgeous golden browns. This wedding at the sumptuous White Light venue set a picturesque backdrop for an Autumn Wedding.

The wedding colours were warm rustics and natural elements, as well as some beautiful pink roses.

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New Music Friday

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The Wheel Keeps Turning (instrumental)-A rock inspired instrumental

This instrumental version of Wheel Keeps Turning (vocal version as recorded by Cherry Pill) reflects the the ever-changing seasons of life. The song draws on imagery from the world around to represent how life and times can change.
‘Seasons come, seasons go, but there’s one thing that I know; it’s that the wheel comes around again’.
The song could be described as well delivered rock sound where the solo violin melody pairs up with the gritty guitars, including some blues-tinged phrasing and a bit of dramatic flair in the string accompaniment.

Available on your favourite platforms:

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Viola Session

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This week I got to dust off my viola for a session on a Spanish track. The lovely alto sound is just perfect for a sultry Spanish song.

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Love is in the Air

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‘Let’s do it, let’s fall in love’…. so goes the chorus of Cole Porters memorable song ‘Let’s fall in Love’.
With spring in the air and blossoms on the trees, Shepstone’s Garden was a perfect setting for this mid-week engagement event… and she said yes!

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