Go Play in the Traffic!

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How did a wedding reception end up on the streets of Sandton? The recent reception event hosted at the superb Wombles Restaurant had a team of photographers with a keen sense of fun. So much so that when not dining on delicious food we were outside basically playing in the traffic. The audience, consisting of car guards and restaurant patrons, applauded my solo renditions in the street whilst Candice from Belladucci Photography snapped away, waiting for the car lights to be ‘just right’!

Please take care though if you ever attempt something similar.


As Unique as a Snowflake

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On arriving at the Snowflake building in Potchefstroom this weekend, I was convinced I was at the wrong address. Being early to set up for a violin wedding performance at this venue, there was only one other car in the dusty parking lot, but the place otherwise looked like a derelict building. Plucking up the courage to speak to the occupants of the other car, I realised that I was at the right place and that appearances can be deceiving. The Snowflake building is an old flour mill turned venue that has character around every corner. It is delightfully quirky and hasn’t tried to hide it’s industrial past.

After the ceremony we managed to sneak in a few photos ourselves of this unique venue.


A Winter Wedding

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Dear Kristel
You are one of a kind. Thank-you for everything, my friends and family can’t stop talking about you. You made matrimonial event so special and I am thankful for that.

-Bride July 2017

There is a stark beauty to a winter wedding. Crisp blue skies and warm oranges and reds gave warmth and colour to this wedding event at Midrand Conference Centre. This was a wedding with a difference, as the couple had already tied the knot in a court wedding 20 years ago, they felt their 20th anniversary would be the wedding ceremony they could not afford when they were younger. It was a wonderful day and brides are beautiful at any age.

A Walk in the Forest

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As autumn begins to turn the leaves and drop temperatures, wedding events begin to trail off, but recently I performed for a wedding at an enchanting venue called ‘In the Forest’.

Imagine being on set filming a movie like Robin Hood or something along those lines, that is what this venue looks like. The ceremony was held under the trees with guest seated on hay bales. The reception was also under the tree canopy with twinkling fairly lights strung up. Oh so romantic!


Wedding Event at Shepstone Gardens

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The romantic country setting of Shepstone Gardens is the perfect place for a garden wedding.

Add the gentle strains of violin accompanied by guitar and you have a delightful outdoor serenade!

Thanks to LÁfrique Photography for the lovely photos!


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