EthAerial Violinist

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Way up high a tender feel-good tune rings out on electric violin while text, projected onto the long skirt sends motivational messages to the audience. EthAerial Violin making a statement at a recent IIG ( Insurance Institute ) Awards Event. A link to the event is available here :

Elegant Aerial Violin for Christian Dior Store Opening

EthAerial Violin

EthAerial Violin (CH Dance and Fitness Event)

Elegant Aerial Violin for Christian Dior Store Opening

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The opening of the Christian Dior Store in Menlyn caused quite a stir and had shoppers stopping in their tracks, phone cameras in hand. Beautiful cosmetics, personalised engravings of perfume bottles and and a larger than life violinist welcoming guest into the store.

My team and I had to figure out a way of providing the ‘Ethaerial Violin’ act, but due to height restrictions, without any rigging. It was a good challenge and we’re thrilled to be able to present a ground based, low-tech version of Ethaerial Violin. If you are looking for something that makes a larger than life impact, but is elegant and engaging, get in touch!

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