Session Violinist

Themes: Recordings, String Parts, Flute Solo

Are you looking to add authentic violin or flute parts to a song?

Whether its a heartfelt lead, ensemble string parts or a blazing fiddle solo, as a classically-trained violinist, sing-songwriter, I have experience in many genres of music.

I am able to record off a chord chart, scored out parts or improvise/play by ear. If you have specific references or feel in mind, please do let me know.

Options include:

  • Violin lead
  • Violin/fiddle accompaniment
  • 2 part string section
  • 3 part string section including violin 1, 2 and viola
  • Flute solo
  • Vocals
  • If you have more than 2 songs to record, I can arrange a discount

Kristel Birkholtz-Violinist, Violin on SoundBetter

Kristel did an amazing job on my track. She was easy to work with, and got the job done more than on time. The recording quality and performance were both excellent.
~ Christian H

Thank you so much for the recording! I love it…its perfect…..thank you for working with me…def going to get you to do some more for me.
~ David

Kristel, thank you for the lovely violin part! It snugs in beautifully in that last section.
~ Faith