Lunch Hour Concert

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Looking for a midday escape? Our concert promises to uplift your spirits and leave you refreshed. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enjoy world-class performances in the heart of the city! See you there! Theatre on the Square, Sandton. 1pm. Coffee and snacks on offer as well. 

We’ll be performing our signature mix of Gypsy jazz repertoire and some well-loved classics alongside some original works.

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UK Song Writing Competionion-Special Commendation for ‘Tears That Flow’

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We were super excited to hear we have a special commendation for our song ‘Tears That Flow’ from the UK Songwriting Competition for 2022.

Inspired by overcoming a period of physical and personal drought Tears that Flow recalls the feeling of longing for the return of something you once had or a hunger for something new. The uplifting ‘Tears That Flow’ will gently lift your spirits.

To take a listen to the song, you can find it on your favourite platform:


Apple Music:…


Still The Rain-New Violin Music Out Today

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Feeling pensive or looking for something to chill out to today? Here’s a song for that!

Still the Rain, brand new, off the press for your listening pleasure.

Still the Rain link:


Appl Music


The rain motif-ostinato in the piano is off-set with a lyrical violin melody that is reflective with a fanciful twist.

As an instrumentalist and composer Kristel received a Bronze Medal Instrumentalist Award from the Global Music Awards in July 2022 for her composition “Wildflower”.

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We’ve got some new music coming soon!

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Looking for some fresh music? We’re just putting the finishing touches to our new single ‘Bare’ ready for release on 16 December. Look out for some more sneak-peaks and let us know what you think of the song!

 A short video is available here: Bare snippet

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Semifinalist in International Songwriting Competition

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Wildflower that you entered has been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). We received more than 21,000 entries, and semi-finalists make up only 11% of all entries, so this is a remarkable achievement!

So delighted to hear my instrumental Violin Song ‘Wildflower’ is selected as a semifinalist. For a full list of the semifinalists visit the International Songwriting Competition site at

Original Violin Music

Wildflower find a place in new playlists

Wildflower find a place in new playlists

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Thanks to ‘It’s Classical’ for adding my new song ‘ Wildflower’ to their fine playlist. It features new classical compositions as well as re-arrangements of classical works.

Well worth a listen . Great for studying , chilling, driving or de-stressing too!

Visit the playlist here:



Wildflower-Contemporary Classics

New Music Friday: Wildflower



Original Violin Music

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Tears That Flow (Instrumental) is a violin led version of a vocal song I wrote and released by the same name with my band Cherry Pill. Listen out for soaring melodic choruses and pensive verse parts.The song was inspired by overcoming a period of physical and personal drought. Tears that Flow recalls the feeling of longing for the return of something you once had or a hunger for something new. The contemplative ‘Tears That Flow’ will gently take you to that place of yearning.

Take a listen here:

To hear the Vocal version visit:

Cherry Pill

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