Old Cars and New Buildings

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A roof-wetting event for a new local retail store was held in this under-construction site. To add a bit of charm to the place, antique cars were parked on the site and drew much attention with guests taking advantage of photo opportunities!

SoundXperience Store Opening Performance

Launch of The Voice 2016

Violinist for an Event

Musical Celebration

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‘We loved Kristel’s performance, she was absolutely amazing!’

For a family celebrating various milestones hosted a formal ‘Yatch Party’-themed lunch at a venue along a river in Muldersdrift with Violin music accompanying.

40th Birthday Bash

Happy Birthdaygram!

A Thankful Job

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I often perform for different private functions and many are warm, happy celebrations. This weekend though I performed for a private lunch that inspired me deeply. A lady in her fifties had decided to to put on a special lunch to say thank-you to all her teachers. She tracked down all her primary and high school teachers that were still alive, arranged transport for them and had a hotel roll out the red carpet for them while I performed for them. There was not a dry eye in that hotel lobby as retired teachers walked in.

How far back would you go to say thank-you to those who shaped and changed your life? – I asked myself…

As Unique as a Snowflake

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On arriving at the Snowflake building in Potchefstroom this weekend, I was convinced I was at the wrong address. Being early to set up for a violin wedding performance at this venue, there was only one other car in the dusty parking lot, but the place otherwise looked like a derelict building. Plucking up the courage to speak to the occupants of the other car, I realised that I was at the right place and that appearances can be deceiving. The Snowflake building is an old flour mill turned venue that has character around every corner. It is delightfully quirky and hasn’t tried to hide it’s industrial past.

After the ceremony we managed to sneak in a few photos ourselves of this unique venue.


A Winter Wedding

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Dear Kristel
You are one of a kind. Thank-you for everything, my friends and family can’t stop talking about you. You made matrimonial event so special and I am thankful for that.

-Bride July 2017

There is a stark beauty to a winter wedding. Crisp blue skies and warm oranges and reds gave warmth and colour to this wedding event at Midrand Conference Centre. This was a wedding with a difference, as the couple had already tied the knot in a court wedding 20 years ago, they felt their 20th anniversary would be the wedding ceremony they could not afford when they were younger. It was a wonderful day and brides are beautiful at any age.

Elphin-Shell-Princess Violinist

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This Mansion party was not a staid or stiff affair! Upon entering the elegant Munro Hotel, guests were given a five star reception. But around the corner awaited a fun surprise, on the patio were rubber ducks, snooker tables and even mermaids! How did I fit into the scene, well I was the elphin-shell-princess violinist on the shore of course.

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