What to do when lock-down means no more performing?

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As lock-down approaches as a result of the Covid-19 virus, many musicians have found that bookings and events of all kinds have had to cancel or postpone, leaving musicians with a lot more time on their hands and likely less money in their pockets as a result.

In the 21-day lock-down period, I’ve made a list of productive music-related activities to keep ‘in the game’ as well as retain a sense of sanity. One such activity is to record and work on some new music material and videos. Such activities are time-consuming, perfect for long stretches of time shut in at home!

Singing Telegram

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With my violin replaced by a bunch of bright balloons and a hamper of champagne, I set off to deliver a musical telegram, a message sung to the well-known ‘Time after Time’ by Cindy Lauper. The celebration was for a local company merger with a new supplier.

The balloons caused quite a stir at the office block and the look of surprise and engagement on the faces of the board-meeting members as I sang the message, was priceless.

On Higher Ground

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While the Sandton skyline twinkled as the backdrop to a private event at Higher Ground, guests mingled and listened to some funky violin music before settling into to a delicious meal. The organiser was most pleased and described the violin entertainment as ‘just perfect and setting the right tone for the event’.

Get in touch for your upcoming private or corporate event at info@kristelbirkholtz.co.za

A Travel Breakfast

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A Travel Breakfast held at the Indaba Hotel. A morning where all things travel in and around Sandton are discussed.

Kristel provided the welcoming violin music whilst guests were treated to a mini-mobile neck and shoulder massage from Mowana Spa. https://www.mowanaspa.co.za/

The cool violin is handmade by Murray Kuun – https://murraykuun.wordpress.com/

Booked by Hands On Promotions – https://www.hands-on.co.za/

Flash Mob Tango

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Early morning office staff, casually drinking their first coffee in the canteen were treated to a Flash Mob Tango performance. In amazement, everyone took out their phones and forgot about their coffee for 3 minutes whilst being whisked away to the streets of Buenos Aires . The local corporate are running an incentive trip to Argentina and the tango performance was part creating momentum to the competition.

VioRimba Starts the Party!

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VioRimba as the name suggests is a violin meets marimba band collective with a distinctive African feel. Played here on a one-of-a-kind tin can violin. At recent awards breakfast the party started early as delegates just could not resist the enticing marimba rhythms.

To see what happened next click the video link: https://www.facebook.com/kristel.birkholtz/videos/10156535060541948/

Kids say the sweetest things!

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At a recent public performance in the new Loftus Park centre a little boy drew me this picture on the back of a menu and rather shyly handed it over.

It is so lovely to play at venues where children get to hear the violin performed. To see the look of surprise and amazement on their faces it truly special.

A translation of the text reads ‘You play beautiful violin

Loftus Park have great restaurants and a stage/activity area. Next time you’re in the area , pop in!


Go Play in the Traffic!

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How did a wedding reception end up on the streets of Sandton? The recent reception event hosted at the superb Wombles Restaurant had a team of photographers with a keen sense of fun. So much so that when not dining on delicious food we were outside basically playing in the traffic. The audience, consisting of car guards and restaurant patrons, applauded my solo renditions in the street whilst Candice from Belladucci Photography snapped away, waiting for the car lights to be ‘just right’!

Please take care though if you ever attempt something similar.


Married at First Sight

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Tonight is the night, catch Married at First Sight to view the wedding ceremony of the current contestants.
The venue, Faircity Roodevallei and the décor is superb and the whole event took an interesting turn.

Tune in to Lifetime Channel 131 at 20H50 to see what happened!


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