Happy Recording clients

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Having played for a couple of recordings recently, varying from bohemian, to love song, to Latin pop, one client sent such a lovely testimonial:

‘Thank you Kristel. Your violin weaves in and out like a benevolent spirit, providing a soothing element to the song’s capricious febrility’.
Much obliged, Kevin.


A break-up song, change the world ditty and a wedding entrance tune

Violin Recording Sessions

Recording Sessions

Session Violinist

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As all things turning increasingly online, I have been trying my hand (or fingers as it were) at online session work.

Very happy to have had some contented clients in the past few weeks.The most recent project had this to say

‘Kristel did an amazing job on my track. She was easy to work with, and got the job done more than on time. The recording quality and performance were both excellent. I just got the first mix back from the mixing engineer who’s working on my album with me, and your violin part had me in tears this time. Thanks again!’

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