Behind the Scenes

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From Backstage to when the magic happens. Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes on a recent video shoot for Beauty and the Beat.

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Still The Rain-New Violin Music Out Today

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Feeling pensive or looking for something to chill out to today? Here’s a song for that!

Still the Rain, brand new, off the press for your listening pleasure.

Still the Rain link:


Appl Music


The rain motif-ostinato in the piano is off-set with a lyrical violin melody that is reflective with a fanciful twist.

As an instrumentalist and composer Kristel received a Bronze Medal Instrumentalist Award from the Global Music Awards in July 2022 for her composition “Wildflower”.

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String Sessions

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The latest session project was for a mini string orchestra.

After some special requests to hear the viola I took a quick video while recording. The feedback on this project was just fantastic, I am so enjoying being able to record for composers/songwriters all over the world!

‘Kristel recorded violin and viola parts for a musical theater song and I am not exaggerating when I say I had goosebumps when I first heard them! Her communication during the process was thorough and stress-free and her asking price was extremely fair… This talented young woman will not disappoint you and I could not be happier!’

See the video here:

Session Violinist

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As all things turning increasingly online, I have been trying my hand (or fingers as it were) at online session work.

Very happy to have had some contented clients in the past few weeks.The most recent project had this to say

‘Kristel did an amazing job on my track. She was easy to work with, and got the job done more than on time. The recording quality and performance were both excellent. I just got the first mix back from the mixing engineer who’s working on my album with me, and your violin part had me in tears this time. Thanks again!’

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