You be the judge

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I had no idea judges and arbitrators are such great music fans, I guess it comes with being good listeners. A truly lovely night thanks to for organizing. 

An event where every song I played for the dinner event was so appreciated at JAW (Johannesburg Arbitration Week) at Sandton Convention Centre.

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Lights, Colours and Music.

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Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a time of joy, togetherness, and the celebration of good conquering evil. And what better way to commemorate this auspicious occasion than with a dazzling private party on a Saturday evening, complete with a violinist serenading guests as they walked along an enchanting LED-lit pathway?

The stage was set for an unforgettable evening. The venue was transformed into a radiant haven, with LED lights casting a soft, inviting glow along the pathway that led to the heart of the celebration. The air was filled with excitement as friends and family gathered to revel in the Diwali spirit.

Amidst this enchanting atmosphere, a violinist took center stage. Dressed in elegant attire that complemented the occasion, the violinist played Bollywood favourites that echoed […]

Under Tuscan Skies

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A private event, Tuscan-style at Avianto , Muldersdrift. Guests were treated to violin music accompanied by fire-dancers, that is until the rain came down!


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LED Violin and Dress

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A Night of a Thousand Stars with LED Violin and Dress to welcome guests to a glittering event in Sandton.

Here is a short video from the evening. LED Violin Performance

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It’s Matric Dance Time

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It’s Matric Dance season, although I last went to one many moons ago, it was great to welcome Matrics and their parents to a pre-party cocktails event with some violin music.

Here’s a short video from the event

Violinist for an Event

Along the Riverside

Tech gives you wings to fly!

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With Conferences and events getting into swing again, the mood at this IT conference was upbeat as delegates were excited to be back at in-person gatherings again. The colourful mood of this IT event was captured by the winged-photo booth station.

Technology meets Music

Vibrant VioRimba

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To create lively a atmosphere at a recent SA Cricket event, VioRimba serenaded guests adding some local flavour and feel-good vibes. Think Marimbas, Africa drums and a one-of -a-kind Tin Can Violin  and you have a recipe for local entertainment that is elegant yet vibrant. 

VioRimba Starts the Party!

Tins and Timber-VioRimba

Roll out the Blue Carpet

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It was a night of Blue and Silver for the local company Insurance Zone at Cradle Valley Guesthouse.

Guests were treated to a gin bar on arrivals with the Blue Carpet Violin providing the entertainment.

A video link of the performance is available here


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Old Cars and New Buildings

2022-05-06T13:30:24+02:006 May 2022|Categories: Live Music, Music for Events, Performance Updates|Tags: , , , |

A roof-wetting event for a new local retail store was held in this under-construction site. To add a bit of charm to the place, antique cars were parked on the site and drew much attention with guests taking advantage of photo opportunities!

SoundXperience Store Opening Performance

Launch of The Voice 2016

Violinist for an Event

Kind of Blue at Blueberry Hill

2022-02-18T19:46:13+02:0018 February 2022|Categories: Music for Events, Performance Updates|Tags: , , , |

A touch of blue rounded off the evening at Blueberry Hill for a private dinner event with views for miles way up high.

Blueberry Hill is a perfect city escape, check them out at

Dinner for Two-Socially Distanced

Come Dine With Me

Violinist for an Event

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