Beauty and the Beat wow the crowd

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A recent awards ceremony hosted by Lions Cricket had guests enthralled by Beauty and the Beat’s performance. 

Here’s the reaction from the crowd:

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Showing our ‘Human’ side-Beauty and the Beat Performance







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Looking forward to a seaside holiday? Beauty and the Beat were part of making seaside dreams at a recent year-end conference in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Thanks to Elegant Entertainment for organizing the event.

For a video of our performance please listen here 

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Beauty and the Beat Live at the Rand Easter Show 2019

Behind the Scenes

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From Backstage to when the magic happens. Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes on a recent video shoot for Beauty and the Beat.

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Educational Videos

Making a splash at a private event

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Beauty and the Beat showing their ‘human’ side at a recent private event. The duo are a great impact-making act for events large or small. Audiences enjoy the laughter and rousing music that add a memorable, talking point for an event.  

Here is a short sample of our rendition of Human

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Stadium Performance-Beauty and the Beat

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There’s something electric about performing at a stadium, especial at a sporting final.

As the SA Twenty20 final closed, Beauty and the Beat were invited to perform a high energy slot to boost the celebratory mood of the crowd .

We had a great time performing our unique, high energy show to great reviews and offers to perform at future sporting events!

Here’s our performance on the day or

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Mixing it up Live

Opening Act

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Beauty and the Beat were asked to be the opening act for a well-known local artist this past weekend. Though the event was in a small town community, the crowd had big hearts , enjoying every minute of the show as did we!
Here is our version on the night of Survivor by Destiny’s Child.
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