Recycling was the theme of this event for Coca Cola’s school recycling awards sponsorship. Various schools and communities demonstrated out-of-the-box creativity on how to re-use and up-cycle waste materials found in their environment. In keeping with the up-cycling theme, I brought along my Tin Can violin which is made solely from reclaimed materials and yet plays like real violin. To complete the look I had a dress made up with hand-cut plastic bag trim. It was such a pleasure to meet some of the kids who are changing mindsets in their communities about waste.

The day ended on a poignant note though, as I was pulling out of the inner-city venue, thinking about outfits made from reclaimed materials, my eye spotted a homeless man just outside the venue, wearing nothing but 3 plastic bags…for some, recycling is not a choice.

My Tin Can Violin is a one of a kind instrument made by Graeme Wells at African Guitars.