Pastels and Pamper

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Pastels and pamper were the theme of a Women in IT luncheon event, celebrating the feminine as we close out Women’s Month.

The Cappuccino’s in fine bone china were such a special touch.

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Sunset Vioiln

2023-06-08T12:20:18+02:008 June 2023|Categories: Live Music, Music for Events|Tags: , , , , , , , |

With 360 degree views of Johannesburg’s skyline and a spectacular, guests relaxed and networked while listening to some laid-back violin music . A video of the event is available here. 

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2021-10-14T11:12:40+02:0014 October 2021|Categories: Live Music, Music for Weddings|Tags: , , |

Big trees and babbling water features made for a relaxed feel at this wedding canapes entertainment at Tres Jolie. Guests spilled out under the trees and relaxed to the violin playlist. The playlist usually caters for the broad range of guest at a wedding with some classics through to current pop hits.

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