The Magic of Theatre

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There is something magical about a Theatre. The red fold-up chairs, the glow of warm lights and the moments of prose or song that seem to hang in the air. Stepping out onto the stage at the Market Theatre for a private event this weekend felt like stepping into an ongoing production of plays, musicals, and concerts that tell our stories past, present and future.

Romantic Violin

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Love is in the air. This pic was snapped while performing violin at a private event at a romantic spot for a couple getting engaged.

The event and set up was arranged by The Perfect Proposal Suzy White –

and the video/photo was taken by Denver Paulick of Brightmoon Video & Photography –

High Flyers

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Some spectacular new jets setting the stage for an afternoon on a runway with guest admiring the new aircraft perfectly positioned with the Magaliesberg mountains in the distance. Some sophisticated violin music added the sound track along with the occasional chink of cocktail glasses. The day ended off with a tour of the jets, this is indeed travel in style!

Thanks to Pretty Wild Flower design and Events

Along with Gigster Online for making it all happen.

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